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  Can I talk to Mark?(我可以跟 Mark 讲话吗?)

  He is out on his lunch break right now. Would you like to leave a message?他出去吃午饭了,你要留言吗?

  He is not available right now. Can I take a message?他不在,我可以帮你传话吗?



  Can I leave a message?我可以留个话?

  Yes. Go ahead, please.可以,请继续。

  Of course. Hold on for just a second so I can grab a pen and paper.当然,稍等一下让我拿个纸笔。

  Sure, if you can excuse me for just a second. Let me find a piece of paper to write it down.当然,如果你可以等我一下下,让我找张纸写下来。



  Is Daisy there?(Daisy 在吗?)

  This is she.我就是。(注:男的用 This is he.)

  Youre speaking/talking to her.你正在跟她说话。(注:男的用You‘re speaking/talking to him.)

  This is Daisy.我就是 Daisy.

  Thats me.我就是。



  Can I speak to Alexander Walker?我可以和 Alexander Walker 说话吗?

  Alexander Walker? Im sorry, but theres nobody here by this name. Alexander Walker?抱歉,这里没这个人。

  Im sorry. Im afraid youve got the wrong number.抱歉,恐怕你打错电话了。

  What number did you dial?你打几号?



  Is Brandon there? Brandon 在吗?

  Yes, he is. One moment, please.他在。请稍等。

  Hold, please.请稍等。

  Hold on, please.请稍等。

  Let me see if hes here. Hang on. OK?我看看他在不在。等一下,好吗?



  When he comes back, can you have him call me at (206) 5551212?他回来后,能不能让他打(206) 5551212 这个号码给我?

  Can you repeat again, please?能不能请你再重复一次?

  (Say) Again, please?再说一次好吗?


  Come again, please?再说一次好吗?

  Im sorry?抱歉。(请再说一次)



  Can you put Daisy back on? I forgot to tell her something.你能否请Daisy再来听电话呢?我忘了跟她讲一件事。

  Sure. Ill go get her.当然!我这就去叫她。



  A: Stone Corp. Hi, Mary speaking. 隐四通公司, 您好,我是Mary。

  B: Hello, I’d like to speak to Mr. Hunter, please. 你好,我想找Hunter先生。

  A: May I ask who is calling, please? 请问您是哪位?

  B: My name is Herbert Wood of IBM Computer Company. 我是IBM电脑公司的Herbert Wood.

  A: Thank you, Mr. Wood. One moment, please… (into PBX) Mr. Hunter, Mr. Wood of IBM Computer Company is on the line. 谢谢,Wood先生,请稍等。(打内线电话)Hunter先生,IBM电脑公司的Wood先生找您。

  C: Can you find out what he wants? 你可以问他有什么事吗?

  A: Yes, Mr. Hunter. (to caller) Im sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr. Wood. Mr. Hunter is rather busy right now and would like to know what you wish to speak to him about. 好的,Hunter先生。(对来电者说)对不起Wood先生,让您久等了。Hunter先生现在非常忙,他想知道你有什么事对他说。

  B: Yes, I want to buy some computer software and talk about developing some other software. I don’t know whether he is interested in that or not? 是的,我想买一些计算机软件,另外再谈一谈开发一些其它的软件。我不知道他是否有兴趣。

  A: I see. Thank you very much, Mr. Wood. Would you wait a moment, please? (to PBX) Mr Hunter, Mr. Wood wants to buy some computer software. 我明白了,非常感谢,Wood先生。请你等一下好吗?(打内线电话)Hunter先生,Wood先生想买一些计算机软件。

  C: I see. Put him on line two.  好的,请转到2号线。

  A: Yes, Mr. Hunter. (To caller) Mr. Wood, I’m very sorry to have kept you waiting. I’ll put you through to Mr. Hunter.


  A: Good afternoon, Sales Department. May I help you? 下午好,销售部,我能帮你什么忙吗?

  B: Could I speak to Mr. Bush, please? 可以和Bush先生说话吗?

  A: I’ll see if he is available. Who shall I say is calling, please? 我要看一看他是否在。请问我得告诉他谁打来的?

  B: John Smith.

  A: Hold the line, please. Mr. Bush is in a meeting with the Managing Director at the moment, I’m afraid. Can I help you?


  B: Well, I want to discuss with him the new contract we signed last week. 好的,我想跟他讨论一下我们上星期签订的合同。

  A: I don’t think the meeting will go on much longer. Shall I ask him to call you when he is free? 我想会议不会开得太久,我让他有空给你打电话,好吗?

  B: Yes, that would be easiest. 是的,那样最好了。

  A: Could I have your name again, please? 请再一次告诉我你的姓名,好吗?

  B: Yes. It’s John Smith.好的,我叫John Smith。



  OFFICE ASSISTANT: Good morning. Odyssey Promotions. How may I help you?

  办公室文员: 早上好。这里是奥德赛企划公司。我能为您提供什么帮助吗?

  NICK: Hello, this is Nick Delwin from Communicon. Could I speak to Helen Turner, please?

  尼克: 你好,我是国际通讯公司的尼克·戴尔文。可以帮我转接海伦·特纳吗?

  OFFICE ASSISTANT: Just a moment, please. 办公室文员: 请稍等。

  OFFICE ASSISTANT: I have Nick Delwin on the line for you. 办公室文员: 有个叫尼克·戴尔文的人打来电话要找你。

  HELEN: Thank you... Hi, Nick. Nice to hear from you. How’s the English weather?

  海伦: 谢谢……你好,尼克。很高兴接到你的电话。英国那边的天气怎么样?

  NICK: It’s pretty good for the time of year. What’s it like in New York? 尼克: 就今年这个时候来讲,还是相当不错的。纽约那边的天气呢?

  HELEN: Not good, I’m afraid. 海伦: 恐怕不怎么样。

  NICK: That’s a pity because I’m planning to come across next week.尼克:那真糟糕,因为我正打算下礼拜过去一趟。

  HELEN: Really? Well, you’ll ②come by to see us while you’re here, I hope?

  海伦: 真的吗?嗯,我希望你来的时候能顺便过来看看我们,可以吗?

  NICK: That’s what I’m phoning about. I’ve got a meeting with a customer in Boston on Tuesday of next week. I was hoping we could arrange to ③meet up either before or after.

  尼克: 这正是我打电话想要告诉你的事情。下礼拜二,我要在波士顿会见一个客户。我希望,在那之前或之后我们能找个时间见一下。

  HELEN: Great. That would give us a chance to show you the convention centre, and we could also ④drop in at Caesar’s Restaurant where Gregg has arranged your reception.

  海伦: 太好了。那样我们就有机会带领你参观一下会议中心了,而且我们还可以顺便去凯萨饭店,葛雷格已经在那里为你安排好了接待活动。

  NICK: That’s what I was thinking. 尼克: 我也是这么想的。

  HELEN: So you said you have to be in Boston on Tuesday? That’s the 8th? 海伦: 嗯,你说你要在礼拜二的时候到波士顿?那是8号吧?

  NICK: That’s right. Now, I could ⑤stop over in New York either on the way in - that would be the Monday...Would that be possible? 尼克: 没错。那样的话,我也可以在去之前先去纽约一趟——可能是礼拜一的时候——那没问题吧?

  HELEN: Ah, I’m afraid I won’t be in the office on Monday, and I think Gregg has meetings all day.

  海伦: 啊,恐怕礼拜一的时候我不在办公室,而且我想葛雷格全天都在开会。

  NICK: Uh-huh, well, the other possibility would be to arrange it after Boston on my way home.

  尼克: 嗯嗯,好吧,那另一个可能就是在我从波士顿回来的时候再安排见一下了。

  HELEN: When do you plan on leaving Boston? 海伦: 你打算什么时候离开波士顿?

  NICK: Could be either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, but I would like to catch a flight back to London on Wednesday evening.可能是礼拜二下午,也可能是礼拜三上午,但我想赶在礼拜三晚上搭乘航班返回伦敦。

  HELEN: OK. Well, it would be best for us if you could fly in on the Wednesday morning. Either Gregg or I will pick you up at the airport, and then we could show you the convention centre and also Caesar’s. If there’s time, you could come back to the office and we’ll run through any of the details that still haven’t been finalized. 好。嗯,如果你能在礼拜三上午飞过来的话,那对我们来说最好不过了。葛雷格或者我可以去机场接你,之后,我们可以带你去参观会议中心和凯萨饭店。如果有时间的话,你可以再去一下我们的办公室,我们可以迅速处理一些还没有解决的细节问题。

  NICK: That sounds good. Just as long as I can get back to the airport for my evening flight.

  尼克: 听起来不错。只要我能赶回机场搭上我的夜班飞机就行。

  HELEN: No problem. Look, why don’t you fax me your information once you’ve confirmed your flight times? Then we’ll get back to you with an itinerary for the day - that’s Wednesday the 9th, right?

  海伦: 没问题。嗯,一旦你确定了你的航班日期,发个传真告诉我具体情况如何?那样我们就可以给你回复当天的日程安排——那天是9号礼拜三,对吧?

  NICK: That’s right. Good, well, I’ll do that and I look forward to seeing you next week.

  尼克: 没错。好,嗯,我会的,我期待着下礼拜和你们见面。

  HELEN: Same here. See you next week. 海伦: 我也是。下礼拜见。


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